Previous Workshops

2017 Epidemiology Workshop (24-26 May)
 May 24
 S1 - Population based long term cohort studies: What they tell us about kidney health
- Childhood overweight and the risk of adult CKD - Dorothea Nitsch, London
- Fetal and infant growth patterns and kidney function at school age - Johanna Bakker, Rotterdam
- The long-term renal risk of prematurity: Epidemiology, mechanisms and risk detection - Jennifer R. Charlton, Charlottesville
 S2 - Registries and Cohort studies for Chronic Kidney Disease
- The Cardiovacular Comorbidity in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease (4C) Study - Uwe Querfeld, Belin
- The Chronic Kidney Disease in Children (CKiD) Study - Sur Furth, Philadelphia
- iNET-CKD: A global network of CKD cohort studies - Kai Uwe Eckhardt, Berlin
 S3 - Registries and Cohort Studies for Renal Replacement Therapy in Children
- The NAPRTCS Consortium - Bradley Warady, Kansas City
- The ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry - Jaap Groothoff, Amsterdam
- The SCOPE Network - Alicia Neu, Baltimore
- The International Pediatric Dialysis Network - Franz Schaefer, Heidelberg
The IPNA RRT Registry - Sophie Ploos van Amstel, Amsterdam
May 25
S4 - Registries and Cohort studies for Rare Kidney Diseases

- Polycystic Kidney Disease Registries - Max Liebau, Cologne 
- The global aHUS Registry - Christoph Licht, Toronto
- The OxalEurope Project - Sander Garrelfs, Amsterdam
- The Alport Syndrome Registry - Jie Ding, Beijing
 S5 - Registries and Cohort studies for Nephrotic Syndrome
- The Neptune Project - Matthias Kretzler, Ann Arbor
- The ChildNeph Project - Susan Samuel, Calgary
- The PodoNet Registry Project - Agnes Trautmann, Heidelberg
The Nephrovir Study - Georges Deschenes, Paris
 Keynote Lecture - Retional approaches towards evidence based medicine in pediatric nephrology
Jonathan Craig, Sydney
 S6 - Landmark Clinical Trials in Pediatric Nephrology
RCTs in Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome - Kazumoto Iijima, Kobe
- Blood pressure  and nephroprotection trials - Elke Wühl, Heidelberg
- VUR and UTI Trials - Giovanni Montini, Milano
- RCTs in Pediatric Transplantation - Nick Webb, Manchester
 S8 - Role of genetics in clinical and epidemiological research
- Potential and limitations of GWAS in renal research - Craig Wong, Albuquerque
- Findings of the H3Africa Consortium - Rulan Parekh, Toronto
- Genetic diagnoses in pediatric kidney diseases: Do they matter in clinical trials? - Matt Sampson, Ann Arbor
 S9 - Current challenges & limitations in clinical and epidemiological research
Ethical and proprietary issues of data/biomaterial sharing - Mats Hansson, Uppsala
Industry-Academia partnership in pediatric clinical research - Kathrin Uhlig, Boston
Novel concepts in data monitoring - Jürgen Ludwig, Mannheim
- Clinical and epidemiological research in developing countries - Ng Kar Hui, Singapore
 S10 - Epidemiological and clinical research in the digital age
- Standardized Outcomes in Nephrology: The SONG-Kids project - Allison Tong, Sydney
- Mobile healthcare applications for renal patients - Beth Foster, Montreal
- Electronic health records: Potential and limitations - Debbie Gipson, Ann Arbor
- Remote dialysis: Breakthrough for telemedicine in nephrology? - Claus P. Schmitt, Heidelberg