Dear IPNA colleague,

The IPNA HomePage now contains a tab “For Patients and Parents”, which takes you to :

This site contains links to Patient Education materials which are categorized, and can be searched for by ‘Disease’, ‘Language’ or ‘Country of origin’. Patient oriented information about common pediatric kidney diseases is available in more than 12 languages.

We aim for this to serve as a world-wide resource collection to provide uptodate knowledge and educational support to our patients and their families.

We request that you:

  1. Examine the listed resources and provide feedback on their suitability.
  2. Share this web address with your patient families and encourage its utilization.
  3. Join in the effort to add on more resources particularly for languages and regions that are still under-represented. Please send us material that you think may be useful for this effort.

We request you to take a few minutes to answer the questions in the survey below. This will help us to make additions and modifications relevant to your requirements.  

Survey Questions for IPNA Members  

1. Please visit the Patient/Parent Education page on IPNA website

2. Browse the page a bit.

3. Take the quick survey, that contains only 4 questions.


We kindly ask you if you can forward our second survey to your patients.

The survey link is following:

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Have a nice day and kind regards,

Sushmita Banerjee / Patient Education Committee