Things to know:

  • The application should be filled out by a local organizer with administrative experience.
  • The application should specify the target audience of the course.
  • The application should include an indication that the Regional Assistant Secretary has been notified.
  • Announcements and program materials should include the logo of IPNA (download the logo here).
  • Once submitted, your application will be evaluated by the Teaching Course Committee.
  • If you have any questions please contact directly the contact-ipna [at] (subject: IPNA%20Teaching%20Course%20Questions) (Teaching Course Committee chair).


After successful completion of your teaching course:

  • After the course, applicants are required to provide feed-back within 3 months of course completion, including results of course evaluation forms. The report should indicate the teaching objectives of the couse and the extent to which they have been met.
  • The report should also provide a detailed break down of how the IPNA funds were utilized.
  • IPNA strongly encourages making available to all its members PowerPoint slides that are presented at IPNA-sponsored events. The applicant should obtain written consent to post slides in PDF format on the IPNA website and forward these files to office [at] Please name each PDF files with the name of the presentation.


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