Congress Award Nominations

IPNA will be presenting the following awards at the IPNA Congress in Iguaçu 2016.

The Awards Ceremony is scheduled on Friday 23 from 08:30 to 09:00.
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Ira Griefer Award

This award recognizes individuals who exemplify IPNA’s mission and goals, have demonstrated local and/or national leadership to that end, and have made significant contributions to IPNA.

Award criteria:

  • Active, Honorary or Emeritus Member of IPNA
  • Active or Honorary Member of IPNA for at least 10 years and 55 years of age or older
  • Nomination by an IPNA member, IPNA committee or IPNA Council
  • Nomination on the basis of his/her outstanding contributions to the field of Pediatric Nephrology with international impact
  • Accomplishments consistent with IPNA’s mission and goals
  • Outstanding service to IPNA through membership, participation on committees, participation in educational activities, presentations at IPNA Congresses, and/or service on the Council.
  • Currently not a member of IPNA Council

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Renée Habib Young Investigator Award

This award recognizes young investigators with an outstanding record of achievement and creativity in basic or patient-oriented research related to the functions and diseases of the pediatric kidney.

Award criteria:

  • Active member in IPNA
  • Less than 42 years of age
  • Evidence of substantial independent research or significant collaborative involvement in research

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Life time achievement Award

This award recognizes individuals who has dedicated his/her life to the development and improvement of Pediatric Nephrology care in areas where there is a particular need and has obtained successful advancements.

Award criteria:

  • Active member in IPNA
  • Evidence of achivements for the development of Pediatric Nephrology

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Other Awards

Honorary members

Honorary members who will be honored in Iguaçu, in Septembre 2016, have already been selected in 2014 by IPNA Councillors.

  • Robert Chevalier (USA)
  • Patrick Niaudet (France)
  • Otto Mehls (Germany)

Travel Scholarship and Trainee Research Awards

Travel Scholarship Awards and Trainee Research Awards will described on the Conference website

How to submit nominations

Submission deadline: January 31st, 2016
To nominate a candidate, please download the corresponding form, complete it and send it to [email protected]

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