Continue Being Part of IPNA´s Journey Next Year – Renew Your Membership Now

Continue Being Part of IPNA´s Journey Next Year – Renew Your Membership Now


Dear IPNA Member,
2020 is coming to an end. On behalf of the IPNA Council, I would like to thank you for your tremendous support of IPNA activities and programs throughout the year.

This year has undoubtedly been difficult, with the COVID-19 pandemic taking up most of our resources, energy and attention. Despite the circumstances, our membership has been growing strongly, reaching a record number of 1,839 members as of today. This significant milestone would not have been possible without the commitment of the IPNA Council, and the steadfast support of the general membership towards IPNA’s programs.

The highlights of our year’s achievements include:

  • IPNA Committees being opened up to involve non-Council members for the first time
  • IPNA awarding 14 training fellowships
  • Launching of the IPNA webinar series with 10 IPNA Webinars on Best Clinical Practice and 3 joint ISN-IPNA Webinars
  • Ongoing development of virtual Teaching Courses with the third cycle of the IPNA-ESPN Master for Junior Classes in September this year

These initiatives will continue into 2021 with more exciting projects, such as: IPNA Guideline Workshop, Joint Webinars with other professional organizations such as ASPN, ISN and ISPD, an increase in the number of Sister Center Programs, and  expansion of the Master for Junior Classes globally.

All these would not have been possible without your support as an IPNA Member. Your contributions are essential to keep our educational programs running, and to make the world for kids with kidney disease better.

We would like to invite you to renew your membership, and to continue being part of IPNA´s journey next year as we pursue our vision — Optimal care for all children with kidney disease. 

Best wishes,

Hui Kim Yap

IPNA President