Friends of IPNA

In 2019 IPNA council decided to establish a new ‘Friend of IPNA’ Award to recognize non-IPNA members sharing IPNA mission and goals, for their support of IPNA activities  either financially or with other means helping the whole organization or individual IPNA members to improve care of children with kidney diseases.

The first ‘Friend of IPNA’ Award was presented to Mr. Tibor Martinek (Canada) for his support of young pediatric nephrologists from East European countries in obtaining various grants to visit Canadian children hospitals, enrollment in clinical trials and to attend the Annual Pediatric Nephrology Seminar in Miami.

“As a recently recognized Friend of IPNA non-IPNA member, I had the opportunity to observe IPNA work-in-progress since 2004 in Adelaide, as an unbiased person, the tremendous progress and effort to advance training under various programs by IPNA, mainly in developing countries, in countries of former Soviet Union, etc. I was impressed with tremendous increased participation of paediatric nephrologists from developing countries at IPNA 2019. I vividly recall prof. Matthias Brandis, then Secretary-General of IPNA, as he was proudly explaining me in Adelaide the goals and mission to expand the training courses and to increase the fellowship program for the paediatric nephrologists. Congratulation!”

Tibor Martinek, IPNA Congress in Venice, 2019

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