History and Archive Project

The History Project for Pediatric Nephrology and IPNA has the goals of recognizing the rich history of the birth and accomplishments of our subspecialty as well as showing an appreciation for the many mentors who had the vision to see the essential role that IPNA would play in forming a global community of pediatric nephrologists dedicated to training and delivering the best of pediatric nephrology care to children worldwide.

Early evidence demonstrated that there is a differentiation from adult nephrology in terms of the physiology of renal function, fluids and electrolyte homeostasis, disease etiologies and response to treatment. This lead to the concept that the origins & antecedents of adult disease emerge along the continuum of the life course and underscore much of current research today. We know that two thirds of children born with CAKUT will progress to renal failure and require RRT in adulthood, while only one third will require this during pediatric care. Thus a newer understanding has emerged regarding: the importance for transition to adult care, the diverse epidemiology of renal disease in populations at risk, appropriate access to care & the disparities in these risks for adult disease and opportunities for treatment. The current application of research at molecular level and epigenetic level offers enormous potential to intervene early in the life course.

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Short-term goals of the History Project:

Regional Societies representatives will identify those living senior nephrologists, active or not, who will be interviewed to provide their history of the early field. Interviews can be done either in person, video recorded or written. Some Societies are actively engaged in similar projects including: the ESPN, ASPN, ALANEPE, JSPN, AfPNA, PSPN, and the Indian Society of Pediatric Nephrology.  Recordings will eventually be uploaded to an IPNA website for review.  Additionally, important pictures of members, meetings, documents, textbooks and seminal publications will be digitalized and uploaded to the site for future harmonization of material by an archivist.

Long-term goals:

Disseminate information to the membership about the importance of submitting new digitalized files regarding trainees, meetings, recognition for accomplishments, and the passing of individuals to IPNA for uploading to the website.

Publication of articles devoted to the historical perspective of advances in the field of pediatric nephrology.

We are looking for Ambassadors from each Region to facilitate the list of potential pediatric nephrologists, urologists, transplant surgeons, pathologists and any of the other professionals who have contributed to our field over time. We plan to meet at the Congress in Venice and I hope that there will be an announcement to the membership about opportunities to be interviewed at that time.

Frederick Kaskel

On behalf of IPNA Archive & HIstory Committee

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