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Dear IPNA members, I am glad to bring many important news about our association: 1. Our 2019 IPNA congress will be held in Venice, Italy, and I hope we will all meet there together with many other future IPNA members! 2. The new website is now available and we look forward to reading your comments and suggestions. 3. IPNA will create a specific committee in order to provide assistance to nations in crisis (Venezuela, Syria, Libya, etc.) 4. IPNA has confirmed its financial support to SYL (Save Young Lives) Please don’t hesitate to forward this Newsletter to all those you know as involved in Pediatric Nephrology! Warm regards,

Pierre Cochat



IPNA 2019

At their meeting held during the WCN2017 Congress in Mexico city, the IPNA Executive Committee considered bids for the 2019 Congress from Calgary, Canada, Dublin, Ireland and Venice, Italy. The final decision is that the 2019 IPNA Congress will take place in Venice, Italy in the Fall 2019. The exact dates will be announced shortly and will be posted on the IPNA website. We hope to see you in Venice!


WCN 2017 – Awards

Following her superb achievements in nephrology research over many years and especially her recent contributions to acute renal care and pediatric kidney transplantation, Prof Mignon McCulloch received the International Society of Nephrology Roscoe Robinson Award 2017 during the World Congress of Nephrology 2017. This award acknowledges outstanding achievements in the field of education in nephrology and medicine and was established in memory of Roscoe ‘Ike’ Robinson, the internationally recognized physician, educator, and researcher, founding Editor for Kidney International and past-president of the International Society of Nephrology. In addition to Mignon McCulloch, 3 Pediatric Nephrologists received an award during the WCN 2017: • Dr Stanley Clark Jordan (USA) received the ISN Jean Hamburger Award • Dr Friedhelm Hildebrandt (USA) received the ISN Alfred Newton Richards Award

• Dr David Randolph Beler (USA) received the Lilian Jean Kaplan International Prize by the Recanati-Kaplan Foundation



IPNA organises a workshop on Epidemiological and Clinical Research in Pediatric Nephrology which will be held in Heidelberg, Germany from May 24 to May 26, 2017.

It is still time to register here!


IPNA FELLOWSHIP TRAINING: my training at the St John’s Medical College and Hospital by Dr Tarannum Khondaker, Dhaka, Bangladesh

“This 1 year tenure at St John’s hospital is one of best of my life. I must say, thanks to Dr Arpana Iyengar and her team’s dedication, efforts with a focus on developing the core skills, while at the same time help me to gain the necessary knowledfe.”



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