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Dear IPNA members,​

Pediatric Nephrology is our journal and we all appreciate its content, which brings both science and education into a high quality publication, supported by an outstanding editorial team. Its impact factor has reached 2.627, which is strong for a pediatric sub-specialty journal. However, we plan to improve its diffusion by 1) focusing on the electronic version and progressively phasing out the print version, and 2) collecting your suggestions as readers to better fit your expectations: please feel free to send suggestions to Lucie Semanska ([email protected]).

Development and fundraising for IPNA is growing in order to support our mission: “Great care for little kidneys. Everywhere.” You can follow our campaigns and bring your input on www.littlekidneys.org

Hope to see you in Venice, October 17-21!

Warm regards, Pierre Cochat IPNA President
The 18th IPNA Congress (IPNA2019) will take place from 17-21st October 2019 in the unique city of Venice, Italy, famous around the globe for its glorious architecture, romantic atmosphere, rich culture and history. My colleagues from China and I are looking forward to seeing old friends and developing new friendships in Venice.   Like every other IPNA congress in the past, IPNA2019 will be an opportunity for all of us to build new collaborations, while opening our eyes to the many challenges and opportunities that face us all over the world. It is also a platform for young pediatric nephrologists worldwide to join and discuss many issues on pediatric nephrology and make this meeting fruitful.  

Wish IPNA2019 a great success!

Hong XU Council Member of IPNA Member of Scientific Committee, IPNA2019

President, IPNA2013 Shanghai

WORLD KIDNEY DAY 2019 in pictures

WKD has reached new heights: more than 1000 events were organized all over the world. #worldkidneyday gained 135 million impressions on Twitter making it a trending hashtag in multiple locations.

Thank you all! 

Pictures in the video were received by IPNA office.

The first Web Seminar between Guatemala and Puerto Rico was held on 18th February. The topic was “Acid-Base Balance Workshop: A Simple Strategy to Diagnose Complex Disorders”. We plan to have at least 1 monthly joint conference to discuss pediatric nephrology topics, patients and research projects.   Future plans:  1. April 1- 30, 2019: Dr. Sindy Guzman, a young faculty from Guatemala, will spend 1 month in Puerto Rico focused on Renal Transplant, learning the regulations and administrative aspects of cadaveric donations with the goal of developing a Cadaveric-Donor Kidney Program in Guatemala.  2. April 1 – 15, 2019: Dr. Mynor Patzan, a recent graduate from the Guatemala fellowship program, will spend 2 weeks rotation in Puerto Rico (University Pediatric Hospital) focused on Tubulopathies and Electrolytes Disorders. 3. July 6 – 13, 2019: Dr. Bonilla-Felix will visit Guatemala and Belize. The idea is to spend 3 days at the Guatemala center (Fundanier) teaching, doing rounds with residents, fellows and faculty. Then, he and Dr. Ranbdall Lou-Meda, director of the center in Guatemala, will go to Belize for 3 days to give a Teaching Course (hopefully sponsored by IPNA). Since there are no nephrologists in Belize, the course will be directed to General Pediatricians and Residents. We will meet with the minister of health and will schedule meetings with representatives from IPTA and nephrologists from Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua to discuss pediatric renal transplant in Central America.  

Melvin Bonilla Félix, M.D., F.A.A.P. Professor and Chairman, Department of Pediatrics

University of Puerto Rico-Medical Sciences Campus

IPNA Junior Classes provide advanced teaching in pediatric nephrology as a joint action with Regional Societies.

We are happy to inform you that another IPNA-ESPN junior class will be held during the IPNA congress in Venice. More information coming soon.

Dear Members,

The IPNA HomePage now contains a tab “For Patients and Parents”:

This site contains links to Patient Education materials, which are categorised and can be searched for by ‘Disease’, ‘Language’ or ‘Country of origin’. Patient oriented information about common pediatric kidney diseases is available in more than 12 languages.

We aim for this to serve as a world-wide resource collection to provide up-to-date knowledge and educational support to our patients and their families. We request that you:

  1. Examine the listed resources and provide feedback on their suitability.
  2. Share this web address with your patient families and encourage its utilisation.
  3. Join in on the effort to add on more resources, particularly for languages and regions that are still under-represented. Please send us material that you think may be useful for this effort.

We are designing a survey to engage patients and parents and understand their knowledge requirements. The survey will be emailed to all IPNA members and is also available on the IPNA webpage. Please share the survey with your patient families, this will help us to optimise our efforts.     

Sushmita Banerjee
Chair, Patient Education Committee

Dr. Shankar Yadav described his life after the IPNA fellowship training and the outcomes of the program. Dr. Yadav is a very active IPNA member in Nepal, one of the countries where pediatric nephrology care is still evolving.
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Highlights from the world of Pediatric Nephrology

Do you have any interesting news in the field of pediatric nephrology? Have you participated at an IPNA Teaching course, are you doing the fellowship programme or have you recently visited an interesting workshop or congress? Write to Lucie from IPNA Office at [email protected]

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