IPNA Junior Working Group Program

The International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA) launched the Junior Working Group in 2014 to establish strong links between IPNA and early career nephrologists from different regions around the world. The working group, comprises one representative from each of the seven regional societies (i.e., ALANEPE, ANZPNA, ASPN, AFPNA, ESPN, JSPN, and AsPNA). The group elects one representative from among its members to sit on IPNA council for a maximum of two years.

Second junior working group (2018-2021)

  • Isa Ashoor from USA for ASPN
  • Isaac Desheng Liu from Singapore for AsPNA
  • Dusan Kostic from Brazil for ALANEPE
  • Ana Teixeira from Portugal for ESPN
  • Abdullahi Mudi from Nigeria for AFPNA
  • Yusuke Okuda from Japan for JSPN
  • Sia Kim from Australia for ANZPNA

First junior working group (2014-2017)

  • Adam R. Weinstein from USA for ASPN
  • Aditi Sinha from India for AsPNA
  • Alfonso Huante Anaya from Mexico for ALANEPE
  • Ana Teixeira from Portugal for ESPN
  • Christopher Esezobor from Nigeria for AFPNA
  • Shoichio Kanda from Japan for JSPN
  • Amelia Lepage from Australia for ANZPNA


To encourage participation in activities of the IPNA by pediatric nephrologists under 40 years of age by providing enhanced value to their membership by (i) supporting their transition into practice through access to educational resources, (ii) facilitating participation in policy development and other activities, and (iii) promoting young leaders to take on responsibilities under mentorship of senior colleagues.


  • Involvement in IPNA life and prospects
  • Participation in the organization and delivery of IPNA sponsored regional educational events
  • Suggest topics for guidelines and standards
  • Creating a network/forum for young nephrologists aiming to foster education and collaboration
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