IPNA President Elections

IPNA President Elections

Dear IPNA Member,

We are pleased to extend this invitation for you to vote in the upcoming elections for the IPNA President whose term begins in 2022. This year, for the first time in IPNA´s history, we will proceed with electronic secured voting so all IPNA Members can participate regardless of where they are based geographically.

There are two shortlisted candidates for the IPNA President-Elect: Melvin Felix-Bonilla (Puerto-Rico) and Franz Schaefer (Germany). On the voting page here you will be able to view their CV, application statement and a short video summary of their vision for IPNA. You need to be logged in to see the voting poll and be a member of IPNA. If you are unsure about your login details/password, please contact the IPNA Office at office@ipna-online.org

Each member is only entitled to one vote. Voting will commence on Dec 4 and the deadline to submit your vote is on December 18 at 11:59 pm CET.

We strongly encourage all IPNA Members to vote, to have your say in our future leadership and determine the course of our organization.

Thank you.

Hui Kim Yap, IPNA President

Deadline to vote was on December 18.