IPNA Strategic Plan

Dear IPNA colleagues,

In October, a team of Council members met with Susan Newton, the consultant partnering with us in the strategic planning process, to discuss survey and interview results and begin drafting our new plan.

First of all, many thanks to the 450+ members that participated in the survey. That’s a 50% increase from the 2013 survey and shows that you care enough about IPNA and our mission to share your thoughts and insights.

Since you took the survey, the data were analyzed in multiple ways in order to best assess key learnings and themes from the results, That formed the foundation for our meeting last week and allowed us to consider everything from our programs to our offerings and our Council leadership in order to serve our membership in a way that you need and want.

It is our intent to develop a comprehensive strategic plan that will enable IPNA to meet the needs of the present and future membership. Completion of the present strategic planning process will enable us to articulate both a vision and path whereby the relevance and value of IPNA can be sustained for the future. A one-page summary of Council’s deliberations and draft goals will be distributed electronically within the next 2 weeks. You will have an opportunity to provide feedback at that time.

The comprehensive plan will be shared with our membership in the spring of 2019. Your review of the plan and engagement to help accomplish the plan, will be key to our success. Your input has allowed us to consider goals that we believe will ensure that we are able to articulate the scope of activities membership has identified as crucial to our mission.

We are thankful for your ongoing commitment to IPNA and your trust in the present leadership. On behalf of the entire Council, we thank you for being so generous and committed to IPNA and those we serve.

Kind regards,

Pierre Cochat, MD PhD, IPNA president

Joseph T. Flynn MD, MS, IPNA councilor

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