IPNA supports the World Kidney Day

IPNA wants to promote education and screening in children with kidney diseases all over the world. Kidney Day is a wonderful opportunity to achieve this goal.
Each year, IPNA organises a contest to encourage such an action by providing USD 5,000 to one pediatric nephrology center from a developing country throughout the World.

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The deadline for the WKD 2019 projects was on January 30th, 2019. Many thanks to all those who submitted the project for World Kidney Day 2019. We received a total of 14 projects from various regions. Submissions will be evaluated in the upcoming days by the WKD committtee. 



We received a growing number of applications for IPNA-sponsored WKD initiative. All projects were excellent, so selecting one was very challenging. The winner of the WKD 2019 IPNA initiative is Dr. Alfonso Huante from Mexico.

Aim of the winning project: To increase the awareness of kidney disease and help two main objectives: 1) To use strategies for early detection of kidney disease among general physicians and/or pediatricians and also to bring knowledge to people to empower them together with improving kidney disease networking and 2) to increase interest in pediatric residents and medical students to get them involved in pediatric nephrology as a medical career in clinical and research fields.

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Following evaluation of each project, the 2018 IPNA WKD Committee is pleased to inform you that the winning project of this content is Celebrations: World Kidney Day 2018 in AFMC and KEM hospital in conjunction with IPNA, proposed by Dr Suprita Kaira, from India.

See the final reports from Dr. Suprita Kaira under links here: 

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