New Book Release: Critical Care Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis: A Practical Handbook

With endorsement of the PCRRT Foundation, we would like to announce our upcoming Book entitled ‘Critical Care Pediatric Nephrology and Dialysis: A Practical Handbook’ that will be published later this year by Springer’s Publishers.   This book is a practical handbook, protocol based that provide clinician an armamentarium to perform Plasmapheresis, ECMO, SLED, HD, PD, CRRT, manage inborn errors of metabolism, fulminant liver failure, vascular access and practical aspects of all renal replacement therapy in pediatric patients. Topics of interest include focus on neonatal AKI and devices, ongoing updated research in AKI and RRT, as well as focus on hepatic support system.

The chapters are state of art, written by experts in the field and allows for collegial interchanges of ideas with focus on best practice on the care of critically ill children. This is a passion of many of us and is a direct result of collaborative efforts that began at the IPNA meeting in Brazil and was solidified at the PCRRT 9 meeting in the US a year ago.  In this enclosure you will note a true multicenter, multi-continental work by experts in the field.  We hope that this practical handbook will allow for a succinct and clear guide to identification, treatment and care of children with critical illness that you take care of.

Timothy Bunchman, USA
Sidharth Kumar Sethi, India
Rupesh Raina, USA
Mignon McCulloch, South Africa

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