Dear collegues,

We are pleased to announce new online educational activities organized though a joint effort from IPNA, ESPN and ERKNet.
Starting from January 2020 we will broadcast:

  1. Educational Webinars on Pediatric Nephrology & ERKNet Postgraduate Curriculum in Rare Kidney Diseases

Monthly, on Tuesdays 4 pm CET (except summer holidays), alternating with “ERKNet Advanced Webinars on Rare Kidney Disorders” (see paragraph 3) below)
These webinars will cover a full spectrum of topics in Pediatric Nephrology and Rare Kidney Diseases over a period of three years.They will in the future represent a core curriculum to prepare for the Board Examination in Pediatric Nephology (ESPN) and for the certification in Rare Kidney Diseases (ERKNet).

  1. Best Clinical Practice Webinars

Monthly on Thursdays 4 pm CET (except summer holidays)
These webinars will present recently developed guidelines and clinical practice recommendations in the field of pediatric kidney disorders.

  1. ERKNet Advanced Webinars on Rare Kidney Disorders

Monthly on Tuesdays 4 pm CET (except summer holidays), alternating with Educational Webinars on Pediatric Nephrology & Rare Kidney Diseases (see paragraph 1) above)

The webinars are broadcast live and participants may ask questions online in real time.  The webinars will also be posted after completion online on the IPNA, ESPN and ERKNet website for those who cannot attend the live webinar.


IPNA – ESPN – ERKNet Webinar Team


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ERKNet Webinars






ERKNet is the European Reference Network for Rare Kidney Diseases, a consortium of 38 expert pediatric and adult nephrology centers in 12 European countries providing healthcare to more than 40,000 patients with rare disorders of the kidneys.

The ERKNet webinars are scheduled every two weeks. Please check the schedule here.

Next Webinar (announcement with registration link)

Past Webinars  (online repository of all past webinar sessions – mp4 and PDF)