Survey: Pediatric Nephrology in Low-Resource Countries

Dear Colleagues:

We recently performed a survey amongst all IPNA members working in under-resourced regions, to assess the limitations and needs in these areas, with respect to providing optimal pediatric nephrology services and to consider ways in which IPNA can contribute.

We would like to now ask just a few of you some supplementary questions, to find out what strategies and support you are able to setup or find locally.

We will be most grateful if you can take a few minutes to answer the following questions –

We would like to include this information in an article examining needs, limitations, and strategies for support in regions where pediatric nephrology resources are scarce. We hope this information will help people in similar circumstances, all over the world.

Melvin Bonilla-Felix

Nivedia Kamath

Sushmita Banerjee

IPNA Online