Joint ASPN / IPNA Global Health Online Symposium

Dear all, On behalf of the American Society of Pediatric Nephrology’s Committee for Global Health and the International Pediatric Nephrology Association’s Specific Priorities in Low Resource Countries Committee, we are pleased to invite you to joint ASPN / IPNA Global Health Online Symposium. The goal of the symposium is to bring together a community of individuals passionate about the success of pediatric nephrology education, collaboration, and program development in limited resource settings. The symposium aims to share knowledge and experience regarding resource variation, ongoing collaborations, and existing programs and opportunities.

Date: Wednesday February 10, 2021

Time: 5 AM Seattle, 8 AM New York 1 PM London, 2 PM Italy, 6:30 PM India, 2 AM New Zealand (Thursday)

Program: Please see the table below

Zoom Information:No advanced registration is required and that a Zoom link will be provided in the near future   Sincerely,

Planning Committee: Sangeeta Hingorani Nivedita Kamath Robin Erickson Giovanni Montini Sudha Mannemuddhu Dorey Glenn

→ See the flyer here


  Topic Presenter Duration (min)
  Welcome Dr. Dorey Glenn 3
1 Geographic Pediatric Nephrology Resource Variation- What do we need to know? Dr. Melvin Bonilla-Felix 20
2 Nephrology-focused assessment of clinical sites in low resource settings- How do we assess what we need to know? Dr. Mignon McCulloch 20
3 Mini-presentations- What are we doing and what lessons have we learned?   8 min + 4 min for questions
  1.        Long Term Pediatric Nephrology Collaboration (Managua and Milano) Dr. Giovanni Montini
  2.        Starting a Peritoneal Dialysis Program in Addis Ababa- Lessons Learned Dr. Sangeeta Hingorani
  3.        Puerto Rico and Guatemala-An IPNA Sister Centre Collaboration Dr. Melvin Bonilla-Felix Dr. Randall Lou-Meda
  4.        ISN Sister Renal Center Experience- St John’s Medical College Bangalore, India Dr. Nivedita Kamath
  5.        Health Volunteers Overseas- A Partnership for Pediatric Nephrology Volunteerism Nancy Kelly Dr. Dorey Glenn
4 IPNA and Low Resource Countries-Current Programs and Future Directions Dr. Kim Yap   10
5 Discussion and Closing Dr. Sudha Mannemuddhu 10
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