Our hearts stand with children and families in Lebanon

Dear IPNA Members,

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the devastating occurrences in Beirut harbour. Our hearts are with children and families who have been impacted, especially those who lost their loved ones. We wish a speedy recovery to the injured.

“Optimal care for all children with kidney disease” is IPNA´s vision, especially in the regions where the care is needed most. At this moment, Lebanon is one of these places. The hospital where most children are transplanted in Beirut has been totally destroyed. Patients cannot get treatments. There is a major priority to provide them with Immunosuppressive agents.

If you are able to send such drugs to Beirut, Dr. Pauline Abou Jaoude from Saint George Hospital is the contact person. The Pediatric Nephrology Unit would be most appreciative of any help that could be provided to them and their patients. Please see her contact details below. There is the direct donation link to support Saint George Hospital in Beirut: https://www.stgeorgehospital.org/stgeorge-donation

They were asked to request from all potential donors to send a notification email addressed to Dr Rami Ghabril or Dr. Pauline Abou (e-mail below) each time a donation is made, specifying that the donated amount of money is dedicated to the Pediatric Nephrology Unit in Saint George hospital.

The hospital is also working with one of the NGOs that usually supports them: https://assamehbb.org

My colleague Dr Ramy Ghabril and I, thank you deeply for your sympathy towards the recent unfortunate events in our beloved Beirut city. The blast has left us with an apocalyptic scene extending to many kilometers away from the actual explosion site. Sadly, our medical center located in front of the port, was hit hard by the shock wave. We had to evacuate 350 hospitalized patients in less than 2 hours with sadly many casualties among hospital staff, patients and visitors.

Our pediatric patients thank God are safe and sound, dispatched in neighboring centers. Since  all need to be rebuilt from ashes, we would be more than grateful for any kind of support (medicines, equipment, etc.). Our call for support/help to Lebanese children with kidney diseases, is on behalf of the Working Group of Pediatric Nephrology in Lebanon in association with the LSNH. 

Pauline Abou Jaoude,  MD

Saint George Hospital – University Medical Center, Pediatric Nephrology Unit

[email protected]

Thank you very much,

Kind regards,

Hui Kim Yap and Pierre Cochat

On behalf of IPNA Council

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