Prepared Guidelines

Overview of guidelines & recommendations currently under preparation or planned by ESPN and/or in conjunction with other societies in the field of Pediatric Nephrology

Disease group Clinical guidelines, recommendations, position papers currently prepared or planned
Acute Kidney Injury  
Nephrotic syndrome Treatment of FSGS relapses post-transplant; ESPN idiophatic nephrotic syndrome & transplant WG; coordinator: Marina Vivarelli; marina.vivarelli [at]
Hereditary /immune mediated glomerulopathies  
Thrombotic microangiopathies  
CAKUT & Urinary tract infections Urinary tract infections (diagnosis & therapy); ESPN CAKUT WG & ESPU), coordinator: Ann Raes; Ann.Raes [at]
Ciliopathies, e.g. ARPKD, ADPKD, ADTKD, TSC, VHL  
Tubulopathies X-linked hypophosphatemic rickets: a clinical practice recommendation; ESPN inherited kidney disease WG, ESPE bone and growth plate WG, ERKNet; coordinator: Dieter Haffner; haffner.dieter [at]
Metabolic nephropathies and stone forming disorders  
Obstructive nephropathies  
Enuresis and Lower urinary tract dysfunction  
Pediatric chronic kidney disease & dialysis

Vascular access for hemodialysis, ESPN dialysis WG, Alberto Edefonti; aedefonti [at]

Clinical practice recommendations for use of GH in children with CKD; ESPN CKD-MBD, Dialysis & Transplant WGs, coordinator: Dieter Haffner; haffner.dieter [at]

Position paper on the use of cinacalcet in children on dialysis, ESPN CKD-MBD & dialysis WG; coordinator: Justine Bacchetta; justine.bacchetta [at]

Clinical practice recommendations for bone evaluation in pediatric CKD, ESPN CKD-MBD WG and EUROD coordinator: S. Bakkaloglu; sevcan [at]

Protein-energy management of children with CKD 2-5D
Dietetic management of calcium-phosphate in CKD2-5D

ESPN Renal Nutrition Taskforce, coordinator Rukshana Shroff; Rukshana.Shroff [at]

Pediatric transplantation

CMV infection in pediatric renal transplantation
EBV infection in pediatric renal transplantation

ESPN transplant WG & IPTA, coordinator Burkhard Tönshoff; Burkhard.Toenshoff [at]

Perioperative care in paediatric renal transplantation; ESPN transplant WG, CERTAIN & ERKNet, coordinator: Lars Pape; Lars.pape [at] 

Renal neoplasms  
General aspects/ methodology  
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